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KloutSharp the open source Klout API in C# on GitHub

Like it or hate it, there's not a lot of tools to measure your impact on social networks. Klout is one of those, not perfect but you should check it. The Klout APIs are pretty simple but a ready to use C# implementation will ease your work. I created a portable library so it should be usable for .NET 4.5, Windows, Windows Phone, iOS and Android. It's available right now as open source software on GitHub. How to use it? First, you have to get a Klout API key. Then, add a reference to the NuGet package or add the source files directly. The entry point is the Klout object, so create a Klout object before anything else. var key = "Put your Klout API key here"; var k = new Klout(key); Then you might need to get the Klout identifier of your user. You can use any Klout.Identity*Async method depending on the information you currently have (Twitter Id, Google+ Id, etc.). var identity = await k.IdentityAsync("danvy"); Console.WriteLine(string.Format("Your Klout Id is {0}", identity.Id)); Once you have the Klout Id, you can keep it forever. Now you can call the other APIs such as UserAsync to get user informations var user = await k.UserAsync(kloutId); Console.WriteLine(string.Format("Klout user nick={0} score={1}", user.Nick, user.Score.Score)); A sample app with full source code is provided. To make the long story short, you're now able to get a Klout score in 2 or 3 lines of C#. Isn't it great? Have fun [...]

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Microsoft TechDays 2015, sur le chemin de l’Internet des Objets, l’Internet of Things

Cette année encore, les passionnés de technologies, Microsoft ou autres, se donneront rendez-vous du 10 au 12 Février 2015 au Palais des Congrès de la Porte Maillot, à Paris. Pour rappel, il s'agit d'une des conférences informatique les plus importante d'Europe avec 18.000 visiteurs (sic!) sur 3 jours. Il réunit cette année les développeurs, professionnels de l'IT et décideurs pour échanger sur le thème de "l'ambient intelligence", tout un programme :) Plus de 300 sessions techniques ou business, accessibles ou stratosphériques, y seront délivrées par des Microsofties et de nombreux partenaires, il y en aura pour tous les goûts. Bien plus que les sessions, c'est aussi l'occasion de découvrir les solutions innovantes exposées mais surtout des faire des rencontres, de discuter des sujets brulants du moments, de partager vos préoccupations, d'échanger des solutions, d'entrer en contact avec les intervenants en fin de session, de boire un verre avec des amis. Un grand moment de convivialité. Au fait, aviez-vous en tête que l'accès à une telle conférence puisse être gratuite ? Après cette brève introduction, vous ne pouvez certainement plus imaginer faire autre chose que de venir passer un moment aux TechDays. Si votre agenda ne vous permet de venir les 3 jours, ne vous inquiétez pas, le contenu est suffisamment dense pour rentabiliser votre venue, quelque soit sa durée. Pour gagner quelques minutes, pensez à vous inscrire en ligne. Vient alors la seule difficulté à laquelle vous devrez faire face : Constituer votre programme. Les choix seront difficiles à faire. Renforcer ses connaissance un notre sujet [...]

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Watch Xamarin Evolve 2014 (or any channel) YouTube videos offline

You're a mobile developer living in a mobile first cloud first world and would like to take some benefit from the awesome content coming from Xamarin Evolve 2014 ? All the 55 videos are published on YouTube (Except the keynote) on the XamarinHQ channel and that's a great thing. If you're often on the go, you will appreciate to have all those videos always with you, usable offline at any time, living a typical mobile scenario, smartly using the time you spend every days in taxis, trains or planes. Here is a little tutorial on how I deal with the situation: 1) Install Chocolatey Ok, this step is not absolutely mandatory but, hey, if you didn't know Chocolatey (A package manager for Windows, The NuGet for apps) or you were looking for an opportunity to install it, it's time! You will not regret it. I can not longer imagine using Windows without it. - open your favorite browser - goto to http://chocolatey.org Setup is as simple as a copy-paste in a Command Prompt - copy the commmand line of the front page. It should be something like @powershell -NoProfile -ExecutionPolicy unrestricted -Command "iex ((new-object net.webclient).DownloadString('https://chocolatey.org/install.ps1'))" && SET PATH=%PATH%;%ALLUSERSPROFILE%\chocolatey\bin - open a Command Prompt on Windows - paste the command line and hit enter - and voila! 2) Install youtube-dl To download YouTube videos, you will need a tool that will parse YouTube content, find the videos and download them. My favorite tool for this mission is youtube-dl . You [...]

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Microsoft Apple & Google on the same stage with Xamarin

Let's get it started ! It took me a very long time to create a personal blog. I tried numerous times, setup several different services (Blogger, DotNetNuke, CommunityServer, BlogEngine, Wordpress.com) but once I had to face the empty page, my good intention just disappeared. What should I say? Who will read it? Will I have time? What if I make mistakes? Then, in 2007, Twitter came into my life. The empty page was still there but 140 caracters were less impressive. I embrassed Twitter. More than 6000 tweets later, I decided to fight against the level 2 final boss, the blog. I wanted this very first post to be personal. I wanted to share something that I love. Numerous ideas came to my mind, from my personal computer history to the 5 things you didn't know about me. I will treat some of those in the future but today, I will use a photo I made during the Build 2014 conference in San Francisco. Microsoft Build 2014: Microsoft Apple & Google on stage with Miguel de Icaza from Xamarin During this session, Miguel De Icaza, the inspiring co-founder and CTO of Xamarin, presented a great session called "Go Mobile with C# and Xamarin". During this talk, Miguel was standing behind a Microsoft deck to make its Visual Studio & Xamarin demos running inside a Windows virtual machine on a Mac OS X Apple MacBook wearing Google Glass. You have to watch the video at 47:00 the Google Glass part is hilarious. I'm very proud to work for one of the only, if [...]

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