Push your Sigfox devices data to Azure IoT Hub

You connected numerous devices to the Sigfox low cost, low power, long range Internet of Things network and looking for a solution to transform all the collected data into precious information?

Microsoft hyperscale cloud solution aka Azure provide an awesome component chain for IoT. All the bricks are there. Ingestion, hot and cold storage, near real time analytic, batch, machine learning, business intelligence. Open source or not. Easy to setup PaaS or 100% mastered IaaS. You will surely find a solution to fit your needs.

How easy is it to connect the Sigfox backend to Azure?

Thanks to the smart engineers at […]

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Connect your devices to the Cloud through Sigfox

You decided to connect your “things” to the “internet” using the long range Sigfox network and that’s a great idea! You can collect your thousands of devices data at a very low cost using this disruptive IoT operator. It’s now time to ingest those data into an hyperscale, enterprise grade cloud solution to enable the creation of value added scenarii.

Hopefully, the Sigfox team and the Microsoft team worked together on the ease of integration with Microsoft Azure.

Microsoft Loves Sigfox

There are several ways to do this but we’ll detail the most effective […]

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Create your first object connected to the Cloud

The Internet of Things is getting a lot of attention these days. The opportunities are huge for nearly every single company. Manufacturing, energy, healthcare, transportation, public sector, fiance and more will benefit from this technology.  The good news for software developers is that it’s very easy to start to surf the wave right now.

During the Microsoft TechDays 2015, we created a 45 min lab for the attendees to put their hands on “real” things and live the experience. 70 lucky people took the challenge. It’s now time to enlarge the audience, so here is the complete scenario, detailed step by step, with intermediate source […]

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Microsoft TechDays 2015 Atelier IoT : Réalisez votre premier objet connecté au Cloud

Pour la toute première fois, l’édition 2015 des Microsoft TechDays a mis en place un atelier à propos des objets connectés intitulé : “Atelier IoT : Réalisez votre premier objet connecté au Cloud“. En complément des sessions théoriques, vous pourrez expérimenter de façon très concrète, vivre le phénomène des “Makers“, “mettre les mains dedans”. C’est une excellente opportunité d’évaluer le formidable potentiel que représente l’Internet of Things. J’aurai le plaisir d’animer cet atelier en compagnie de deux passionnés : Fabrice Barbin de Synergiz et Sébastien Warin de Publicis ETO . Les places étant très limitées, je ne saurais […]

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KloutSharp the open source Klout API in C# on GitHub

Like it or hate it, there’s not a lot of tools to measure your impact on social networks. Klout is one of those, not perfect but you should check it. The Klout APIs are pretty simple but a ready to use C# implementation will ease your work. I created a portable library so it should be usable for .NET 4.5, Windows, Windows Phone, iOS and Android. It’s available right now as open source software on GitHub.

How to use it?

First, you have to get a Klout API key.
Then, add a reference to the NuGet package or add […]

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